Renewing The Mind


Jesus said to Nathaniel in John 1:51b, 52b that "Hereafter, you shall see greater things, open heaven.." 

This was an indirect response to Nathaniel's sincere question question "can there be anything good that could emerge from Nazareth?" 

You may have also toiled, tried a lot of things to get even, but u can't just get a headway. Suddenly, you lost hope, u don't want to try again... 

Remember, Philip who responded to Nathaniel directly didn't have the answer, but he told him," Come And See". 

Our message to you is that you should also come and see, come and receive the motivation to start again and surpass. 

U just need one thing, to 'Renew your mind'. 

This is not a prayer program, but a life changing dialogue session. 

Featuring: Musical Performance, Keynote, Symposium, Q&A 

May 14, 2021 by 9am at TACN Ajuwon Area Centre, 16 Shojomehin Talabi Avenue, Ajuwon, Ogun State 

See you there... 


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