Awakening 046


Awakening 046 is a  mantra for the tales of a successful industry effect from the city of Onitsha- Code named 046 to the world (OTTW) The fast rising city of Onicha-Ado is scarely felt in the entertainment industry, although the business hub of the Eastern part of Nigeria, the City is not known for any other unique feat. We have caught the vision and got the passion to put our dear city on the trending highly commercialized entertainment map of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large_ because we believe in the popular saying, "no great feat can be achievedwithout passion"- Hebbel
We have put this up to create a platform that will inspire, motivate and elevate participants and by this is impact  success minded and passion driven youngsters to come out en-mass and turn up for the insight and  knowledge that will be lavished on that date. The nitty-gritty of
success in entertainment, business and career will be unveiled as you will be unleashed to the next level en your route to destiny: Remember! it is taken and not given... when something big is the stake, the game just got a notch higher. #Awakening046 will be featuring resource persons from the USA, Home and abroad. Come with a smart device and writing materials to record stuffs your head may not contain. Something big is about to happen around you. Avail yourself of this privilege to be enlightened by these carriers of light as great light will be beamed on your pathway to greatness. Your life and career will never remain the same again. It will be a revealing time.

"A bird that wants to fly above the ground must first distinguish itself from chickens." 
"We'll burn till we flame up in glory"
"The depths we  feared became the ground we stood upon"- 
The originator of these deep quotes will be available on that date. All under the token fee of 1k. A great man that has made Kings and Queens in the entertainment industry will be live to thrill you with working and workable tips to "blowing" in the entertainment industry Business, career and life coaches, OAP's to mention but a few will be revealing depths of the truth you seek about your path. "Eureka!" Will be the exclamation for the amazing insights you must have gained when you leave the venue of #Awakening046. I bet you don't want to miss this maiden edition. Share the good news, #Sne_Promotions cares for your flight to success, above all we are crazy enthusiasts about 046. "Gun for the space, if you get unlucky you shine with the Stars, if you win you Lord the sky like the sun and moon."
#Snepromotions #Awakening046

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