Beyond the Ring


Are you ready to take your marriage and relationships to the next level? 

Join us at the most anticipated event of the year, the special Marriage & Relationship Seminar themed "Beyond the Ring"!

Brought to you by the Youth Alive Fellowship of Living Faith Church, Ikorodu, this transformative event will take place on Sunday, 28th May, 2023, starting at 12 noon.

Prepare yourself for an afternoon filled with wisdom, inspiration, and practical tools to enrich your relationships and strengthen your bond.

Our lineup of renowned speakers and relationship experts will share their expertise and personal experiences to guide you on a journey of love, understanding, and growth.

Engage in interactive activities and thought-provoking discussions as you connect with like-minded individuals who are also seeking to go beyond the ring and build extraordinary relationships.

Whether you're married, engaged, dating, or single, this seminar is for you. Discover how to cultivate deep emotional connections, navigate challenges, and build a foundation of trust and respect that lasts a lifetime.

So mark your calendars! Join us at the Youth Alive Fellowship, Living Faith Church, Ikorodu, on Sunday, 28th May, 2023, at 12 noon. Together, let's go beyond the ring and create lasting love!

See you at the "Beyond the Ring" Marriage & Relationship Seminar!

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