Communeating April Seedings - #Family4Family



Communeating (communication + eating) is an initiative of to scale up nutrition awareness and education, food and nutrition security and offer basic healthcare services through nutrition intervention programmes to people in Low and Middle Income Communities. Communeating provides a discussion platform and food sharing community for all the good food lovers in a bid to curb food wastage, extend nutrition education and intervention.


Communeating aims to integrate public and private resources, including local businesses and the government to relieve hunger and offer support to vulnerable groups (women - especially the pregnant women, children and the elderly) across communities in Nigeria. By leveraging on the three areas of community nutrition practice which are; People, Policy and Programmes. Regardless of setting and target audience, we have one desired outcome; behaviour change that brings about food and nutrition security. Our platform traverses the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) primarily the SDG2 - Zero Hunger.


COVID-19 is a health crisis. But it could also lead to a food security crisis if proper measures are not taken. The world is already facing food and nutrition security challenges. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, more than 820 million people across the globe are already suffering from hunger. Epidemics and pandemics have had negative impacts on food and nutrition security — particularly for vulnerable populations including children, women, the elderly and the poor. Hence, the need arises for an emergency food intervention programme as ours.

INTERVENTION - April Seedings (#Family4Family) - COVID-19 Hunger Relief Edition

As lockdown measures have increased and the demand for home delivery of groceries with it, we came up with a collaborative and remote way to share food and aid its delivery to beneficiaries. Considering the social distancing, we've adopted online technology solutions to provide food bags to vulnerable families identified by our volunteers - FoodHEs and Communeating Chiefs. Attached to our food bags are COVID-19 safety guidelines and nutrition measures from verified sources to promote hygiene and prepare meals on a low budget from locally available healthy foods. These food items are bought from the local markets in the intervention areas, passively encouraging their income sources and empowering them this period. So, from finding food to learning how to help to actually help, use our channel - The Communeating Table to take action today!


To volunteer as a FoodHE, create your own DP and join the #FundFoodChallenge to support #Family4Family nutrition intervention. Learn more at The Communeating Table:

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