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I hope you are safe and indoors, just the same way I hope you are maintaining optimal hygiene and feeding well, as these will help ensure that we continue to join you to make impact after the pandemic passes.

Sadly, some group of persons can stay indoors but don't have access to adequate items to maintain hygiene and feed well. SERVELEAD GLOBAL is putting her foot forward to get necessary items to these set of people in five orphanages in Abuja. Would you like to do your bit to make this possible?

Obviously, with the necessary social distancing currently in place, your empathetic and benevolent heart might not be able to do so much from where you are. But, because we have pledged to assist you in impacting the world, you can contribute via sending a token to our account number while we put on our protective kit and get these necessary items to 5 different orphanages in Abuja.

Hopefully, your little action of sending a supportive token will go a long way to make sure these kids survive this pandemic in good health. To be part of this course, send your token to:

Account number: 0451861118
Account name: Servelead Global 
Bank name: GTBank

Your little drops of token would make an ocean of hand sanitizer and food items support for these orphans, and together, we will defeat COVID 19.

Thank you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully 
Chief Volunteer

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