Skyewise Entrepreneurship Summit 2021



Skyewise Entrepreneurship Summit 2021

We are excited to announce and invite you to the Skyewise Entrepreneurship Summit - 2021.
Tagged: Meet The CEOs.

The Entrepreneurship Summit is ogragnised by Skyewise Foundation, in Partnership with Skyewise Group to empower the youth and  young entrepreneurs.

The event offers participants a safe space to learn, solve and discuss directly with very resourceful individuals, business technocrats, influencers and other credible individuals that have greatly succeeded in various fields, tapping into their wealth of experience.

The Summit is packed with credible and well-grounded speakers from diverse backgrounds and professions, to educate, enlighten, and impact individuals, cutting across high level functionaries, Business Owners, Youth Leaders, Grassroots Community leaders, Non-Government Organisations, Civil Society Organisations, amongst others.

To reserve your seat, register for free at

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