Techpoint Build 2020


Our flagship conference, Techpoint Build, which will take place virtually for the first time, is poised to be an interesting event. A series of keynotes, panels, and topics critical to the future of startups and technology for Africa are already lined up for the conference. As a part of the event’s pan-African essence, speakers have been selected from regions with significant amounts of startup and technology activity: Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. Join the likes of Yele Badamosi (Bundle Africa), Nekesa Were (Afrilabs), Tayo Oviosu (Paga), Liza Mastors (Apollo Agriculture), Amadou Daffe (Gebeya) and Titi Akinsanmi (Google), among others.  

Join us for the opportunity to engage in conversations about entrepreneurship and technology in Africa and to connect with builders from across the continent. Don't miss it, register now at

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