The Move of the Spirit is here again and ministering at Rain Conference is Pastor Ayo Ajani.
He is the Founder and President of Tribe Petra Ministries and Senior Pastor of Petra Christian Centre. Our father, Pastor Ayo is graced with a unique ability to communicate God’s word in a simple, practical, yet powerful way.

At Rain Conference 2022, the Word will be taught, and an atmosphere created for the demonstration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This is more than an event, it is a movement. The raising of a supernatural end-time army for God.

Join Pastor Ayo Ajani for a stirring up of personal and corporate revivals for the goal of Missions. Be there!

RAIN CONFERENCE 2022!!! This is that! (Acts 2:16)
Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd July, 2022
Fri 6pm| Sat/Sun 8am & 5pm

More details on the flier
Visit to register for the conference or click the link in the bio.

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