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Movement   Oct 01, 2023

I am A Member Of Progressive Digital Media Stakeholders

Progressive Digital Media Stakeholders (P.D.M.S) is a group of various digital media stakeholders dedicated to positively impacting how our party, administration, and nation are perceived and discussed.  Our team comprises hundreds of top influencers, writers, orators, communication and visual strategists, and other digital media stakeholders.   We deeply understand the dynamic nature of the digital media landscape and how it has drastically impacted democratic governance and politics.   With the widespread use of digital media, government institutions have undergone significant changes, including how political leaders communicate and citizens engage in political activities.   As stakeholders, we have decided to step in and play a role in striving to engage the public in political activities such as public opinion, credible information, Eradication and fight against fake news and propaganda and holding public officials accountable.   We also believe in promoting volunteering to improve our communities through public movements that will benefit the nation. Our ultimate goal is to use every digital means to promote progressive actions and ideas.   We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals to engage in political discourse. We believe in the importance of using digital media to create positive change in our world and will continue to work towards this goal.
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