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Do you know you will get 2 free Guides worth #6,000 plus a course on Walking Your Child Through Puberty worth #50,000 when you register for the Sex Educate Your Child Like a Pro 4.0? 

1. The Guides you will get are:
Guided fingers: A mother's handbook for vagina care and health discussion with their daughters 

2. Guided Hands: A father's handbook for penis care and health discussion with their sons.

Pay ₦3,999 instead of ₦15,000. This is only valid for 24 hours.

Simply click here to register online:

If you register through the link, you will be directed to the WhatsApp group immediately, so there's no need to share proof with us.

For offline payment:

GTBank Account  
Account Number: 0509494057  
Account Name: The Intentional Parent Academy

Zenith Bank Account  
Account Number: 1310192708  
Account Name: The Intentional Parent Academy

Share proof of payment with any of our admins using one of the numbers below:


Please send your proof to only one number and avoid duplicating your messages by sending to multiple admins.

If you make a direct payment, please note that it will take some time to confirm your payment.



 The Intentional Parent Academy 


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