7 Days Intensive Live Streaming Training


The more knowledge you gain about a subject matter, the more gains you will make in that field...

Live Streaming has birthed lots of millionaires and more are still loading...
This is why this training is very important for you if you wish to be the next millionaire in Live Streaming...

It's going to be a 7 Days Intensive training where we will be focusing on;

- Understanding the basics of live stream equipment.
- What cameras to use.
- Knowing what type of encoder is best for your context.
- Understanding the importance of audio and how to improve yours.

Take home bonus include;
- Digital Marketing tips
- Business Strategy and Branding
- Licenced software available for the first 5 registered participants and best graduates- Continuous mentorship for all participants.

Date: 6th - 12th Dec. 2021

Click the link below to register

Remember: The more you learn, the more you earn.


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