Boys Quarters Africa



Theme: Redefining Masculinity 3.0 (Raising Boys, Reshaping men andTransforming the Society)

Creating a safe and equal society where everyONE can thrive is no longer an idea on paper but a call to take actionable steps that must metamorphose into tangible results.

In celebration of the World day of the Boy Child, Boys Quarters Africa would be hosting the Largest Boy-focused conversation across Sub- Sahara Africa, especially on the urgent need to relook Masculinity.

We would be launching and unveiling Our Boys Against Violence Club in different schools across the country where boys will be assisted to confront the age-long and culturally inherited biases about Women and Girls, and help them in addressing issues like anger management, social adjustment, conflict resolution, emotional stability, and consent, in order to create an equal and safe society, where tangible results are experienced in the immediate future.

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