Momma Boys Dairy



Get immersed in a 3-day encounter to  experience a 360-degree  transformation

What to expect:

Spiritual Reawakening, Liberation and soul-detoxification, Vision, Mission, and core values for the Intentional Mum, Purpose, self-discovery, and journey to becoming, The best goal setting expose for 2021 and Questions and Answer Session

Who it is for

The passionate, soulfully intentional Woman, Wife, and Mum, the woman who wants to leave her legacy in the hearts of her children, the visionary mum with a goal to ace both motherhood and her life’s goals excellently, and the excellent woman in its totality.

Everyone who registers gets the Clarity, Purpose and Becoming Workbook for free delivered to your email address. 


Date: 26th-28th  November 2020

Fee: It's free but registration is compulsory. Only registered participants would be contacted.

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