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The wait is over fellow foodies and Abula lover!!!

Abula festival train touchdown Lagos on the 26th of November
with all the fun, culture, music, food and other exciting experiences.

Dear Lagosians, we bring to you one of the most popular and loved dish; Abula(Amala, gbegiri, ewedu and Obe accompanied with orisirisi) you’ve probably tasted it at Amala Skyy, Yakoyo enjoyed it at Olaiya or Nok and other popular Abula spots.

Get ready to excite your taste buds, lick your fingers, and be thrilled as we bring you the biggest and indigenous
food festival in Nigeria like you’ve never experienced before!
See Amala, Ewedu & Gbegiri in all its glory at the Abula Festival, live in Lagos. O ma madt gan!

#itsgoing #abulafestivallagos #abulafestival2022 #foodies #foodfestivals #Lagos

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