The Conference of Youth on Environment and Climate (COYEC) is a 3-day hybrid event aimed at bringing together young leaders and climate actors from different regions of Nigeria. COYEC’23 is anticipated to, among other things, encourage young people in Nigeria to participate in environmental and climate actions in their communities, foster collaboration and partnerships among youth-led organizations, and contribute to the development of new ideas and solutions for environmental and climate issues specific to Nigeria through the sharing of experiences and knowledge.

The conference will provide hands-on training and opportunity for participants to learn from experts on a range of environmental issues, including climate change, biodiversity loss, renewable energy, and sustainable development.

The goal of COYEC is to provide young leaders and climate actors with the necessary knowledge and capacity to take action toward solving climate and environmental challenges in Nigeria. The theme of the event is "Youth-led Action for Climate Resilience and Sustainable Development."

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