Starting Out in Tech in 2022


Hey there! Yes You.. Have you ever wondered about the possibilities that exist in tech and how you can jump on it? Well, who isn't in this era??

Becoming a tech bro or sis is undoubtedly looking like the "in thing" now, and even for those who wouldn't want to major in tech skills, acquiring basic and professional tech skills to elevate our different paths has become a necessity

At DesignIT Africa, we know how difficult, confusing or stressful it can be to launch into tech or get clarity around the skills we need to acquire and the prospects they hold.. How? (We just know things! :)

Guess what? We have got you covered! We would be having a virtual Tech-Gist session themed; STARTING OUT IN TECH IN 2022

We would be having Knowledgeable and influential tech bros and sis guide us with conversations on how to effectively launch into tech this year... You actually needed this? (You're Welcome!)

Register now to get a pass to the virtual session.

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