Making money with your smartphone is easy when you know how to create DIGITAL PRODUCTS with it.

I have trained over 5,000 persons across the globe on how to monetize their smartphones and one of the first things I put them through on is how to create and market their own digitally products (across major eCommerce platforms) and also how to leverage on the products of others to earn passive income.

In this 2-Day training, I will be teaching you how to do the same. HOW TO MAKE COOL CASH WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE THROUGH DIGITAL PRODUCTS CREATION.

Guess what?

You don’t need to be a techie or an expert of some sort. All you need is:


•A smartphone &

•Data subscription

...and of course the training access fee of just $5 (N2,500)

It’s that simple!

Now if you’re ready to soar, buzz me via WhatsApp +2348132718024

Click here to join the Onboarding group to get more information about the training

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