Shachah United


BullsEye Live worship concert is a live recording concert organized by Shachah United. A Non-denominational ministry with a music ministry as an arm.

The Prophetic Destiny within the context of the Original plan of God for Man made him a center of target by Satan consequent upon the fall of Satan and God’s next decision that man should take dominion and replace a very important and vacant position of Lucifer. The battle of hell intensified when Man’s dominion identity became real in Genesis 1 and 2.
Every effort was brought to bare to shift man from ordinance. The tussle found a soft point; Eve and penetrated to do the damage and the dominion position couldn’t favour man. Man failed and was to remain fallen, until the Ancient of Days arose and prevailed over the damnable fate of man, Mercy rose and spoke. Divine Justice traveled miles and miles away to forsee the rescue of man. Jesus came, died for mankind and man received redemption. He (Christ) being grace himself, opened a channel for requalification for identity and Life became an inheritance for man. Heaven, Hell, God, Satan and all was focused on man.
BULL’S-EYE, a center of target, man a project for redemption.

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