About the Event

LBC is an annual event put together by the Legal Business Network in furtherance of its core objectives which include educating and enlightening professionals on contemporary legal and business issues and supporting organisations and entrepreneurs generally to build legally protected businesses.



Focus and Theme of LBC 2023

For the economy of any country to boom, certain sectors of the economy must be functional. The Power and Energy sectors, Digital Technologies as well as Ease of Doing Business are critical for the advancement of the economy.


The theme of LBC 2023 is “Powering Tomorrow’s Economy Today”.



Key Audience:


The conference targets policymakers, investors, energy experts, researchers, economists, lawyers, technologists, business executives and other stakeholders interested in energy, digital economy and ease of doing business.



One Hybrid Conference, Three Engaging Sessions

The Conference comprises three sessions as follows:

  • Session 1: The Role of Energy in Economic Growth: Transitioning to the Next Level
  • Session 2: The Digital Economy and the Future of Business: The Odds and the Opportunities
  • Session 3: Business Enabling Environment: Is Nigeria getting it right?

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