Penmen Bootcamp Closing Ceremony


Congratulations to everyone for making it this far, we are gradually coming to the end of the Bootcamp. We will have our Closing Ceremony/Graduation this week Saturday 9th Oct 2021, 5:30 pm. It promises to be a great and fun event involving the following activities: 


We will give out certificates to only those who have subscribed to our paid plans. However, if you haven’t subscribed, please check out 💰payments-donations to do so and enjoy other benefits. 


 We will give out badges to learners who have made it to the 2nd phase of the program. 


We will give out awards under the following categories. - Best Mentor @Mentor - Awards of Appreciation to Speakers @Speaker - Best Graduating Learners (Male & Female) - Best Article Awards (Male & Female)  

Project showcase

: You can showcase any of your favorite projects or article to the community. Please contact me about this.

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