The Whitespace Event


THE WHITESPACE EVENT, the very first of its kind, is a yearly conference geared at bringing creative minds and entrepreneurs together from all walks of life to learn, network and build healthy business and career paths relationships. Whether  you  are  a  designer,  musician,  artist,  fashion  designer,  programmer  or  gamer,  as  long  as you have a business or career path and you are not a robot,  THE WHITESPACE EVENT  is definitely for you. You are opened to the opportunity to meet and network with different bright minds in master classes, conferences, break-out sessions, and of course product exhibition where you get to make sales, P2P meetings and network.

This event is is a virtual showcase and conferencing availing you the opportunity to do all that is done in a physical event even space aquisition.

All you need is your phone or laptop and internet access, and you will be served at your comfort. by

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