Youth Development Conference 2021


The Youth Development Conference (YDC) series is the annual gathering of all young people organised by Young Breeds, a faith-based youth-focused global youth organisation where a topical area of youth development is addressed and mindsets are challenged and renewed by the word of God.

The goal of YDC is to aid the holistic development of young people by addressing faulty mindsets, thereby instilling a new value system and equipping young people with the skills and competencies required for everyday living.

This year, God is leading us into mastering how to navigate motives and desires with guarded and guided responses in today's unguarded world.

As a form of background, an impulse is an instinctive motive or desire, urge, an impelling force or strength. As young people, how best can we respond to various impulses, both the good ones and the unguarded ones? 

The is the mind of God for YDC 2021. You shouldn't miss out on this. This year, we are running a hybrid model; as such, you can connect from anywhere in the world virtually and as well, join in physically on-site, although very limited seats are available. Whether online or on-site, expect a life transformation at YDC 2021. Do well to register on time and invite others to register as well.

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